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We want to build a strategic base of support across the industry and across the planet. We are prioritizing investors that can help us on our journey. To be considered, please fill out this form and someone from our team will reach out and contact you shortly.

Our Vision
Personalized News at Global Scale
Imagine a world where every individual has access to a balanced newsfeed tailored to their interests on a local, national, and international level. Imagine providing that service for anyone in the world, all in their native language. For the first time ever, we can leverage new technologies to create, curate and personalize content on a global level.
If you haven’t yet seen our showcase episode, that’s a great place to start. Check it out on our homepage to see an example of the technology we will use to deliver this vision.
The world has taken notice of what we're creating
Results from our showcase episode are encouraging
In November, we put our episode on a streaming network in the US known for TV shows and movies. By the second day, it was the top video on the entire network. It went up against Hollywood movies and shows, and still, by the end of its first weekend it had achieved the 2nd highest unique views per day, 700% better performance than any title in the last 3 months and the highest revenue per minute recorded. All stats were taken from a data warehouse with 18 months of history. This includes blockbusters such as Mad Max Fury Road, The Expendables trilogy and San Andreas.

In December, we put the episode on Twitter and the results were equally as impressive. It had over 5M impressions in the first 24 hours and had generated thousands of comments across several threads. We’ve received comments and feedback from what feels like every newsroom on the planet. It truly stood out as the most complete and most professional piece of AI generated content produced to date.
New capabilities to add scale
Since December, we’ve been working hard on scaling our technology to power enough content to launch our service. We’ve also shown some new videos to further demonstrate how we intend to operate our network. In mid-April, we released a translation demo featuring Adam speaking in 14 different languages. Each script and every audio output was verified by native speakers and we continue to improve our translation systems to cover more languages.

We have also created a new video showing how our technology can be applied to various different formats. We are not showing public samples at this time but please contact for a preview. We also have more coming soon!
News from the best sources on Earth
We source stories from professional sources, not via unauthorized scraping or the open web
Distribution Strategy
In addition to our own app, we plan to maximize value and audience size by leveraging existing audiences and popular outlets. In the rapidly growing world of FAST channels, Amagi’s latest report states “News Takes a Huge Lead Over Other Genres Globally”. It now leads every genre in both playback (time streamed) and ad impressions. Demand is currently exceeding supply at an unsustainable level. We expect this trend to continue, particularly in an election year when engagement surges.
channel 1 distribution
We are also pursuing several B2B opportunities. We already have many exciting opportunities to work with several broadcasters globally, both content and technology partnerships.
NDA required for more information.
Management Team
Adam Mosam
10+ Years in Media
20+ Years in Tech
  • 2x Successful Founder
  • 150+ Startup Investments
  • 5 yrs Public Media Co. C-suite Experience
  • Multiple US Patents Filed
25+ Years in Media
  • BA Cinema Production, USC
  • Director, EP for Comedy Central- Tosh.0, Jim Jefferies Show
  • Wrote and directed film for Lionsgate
  • Wrote and directed award winning ads incl. Super Bowl

We want to build a strategic base of support across the industry and across the planet. We are prioritizing investors that can help us on our journey. To be considered, please fill out this form and someone from our team will reach out and contact you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to update this section as we hear from interested parties:

Are you allowed to talk about the raise openly?
The JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act of 2012 made changes to U.S. securities laws to facilitate funding of small businesses. One key provision was the creation of Rule 506(c) by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This made it easier for startups and private companies to raise capital by publicly advertising their securities offerings, as long as all actual purchasers are accredited investors.

What is SEC Accreditation?
The SEC provides a guide here. There is no formal stamp of approval from the government, it is simply a criteria you meet.

Is there a minimum investment amount?
Yes, there is a $20,000 minimum investment for this round.

Will I be given any influence over the news coverage?
No. It does not matter how much money you invest, you will not have any influence over editorial direction.

Why is Channel 1 taking this approach to fundraising?
There are a few reasons for us to take this approach. First and foremost, we want to provide an opportunity for like minded people to invest in the fast growing world of AI and media. Adam has been angel investing for 10 years and once said "I can only run one company at a time but I want to participate in the tremendous value being created in the current market." Many people can understand and appreciate the effect AI will have on media but are not in a position to capitalize directly through employment. This opportunity allows them invest in a sector they may be interested in capitalizing off of.

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